Toffee Factory Award

Business Awards Finalist



We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously via the following commitments:


Our Customers

The relationship Hastie Burton Joinery forges and manages with its customers is the platform for its success and long term future.

We will endeavour to be open and honest with our customers regarding our products and services.


Our Suppliers

We will always endeavour to use local suppliers as much as possible. This not only helps in our quest to support the local community, which has been at the heart of Hastie Burton since 1903, but also reduces energy consumption in deliveries.


Our staff

Our staff are our most valuable asset.

We value their health, safety and general well being above all else.


We endeavour to support our staff in fulfilling their personal and career development ambitions and also training and supporting a number of local apprentices each year in conjunction with the Construction Industrial Training Board.



The Environment

Hastie Burton Joinery is committed to the protection of the environment.

Where it is within the company's control, Hastie Burton Joinery undertakes to: